Joel Gregg – A professionally trained, experienced live and studio engineer


Joel is an expert on all formats of digital and analogue mixing desks. He is up to date on all current and emerging technologies within the field of sound engineering and has operated at the highest levels in all aspects of sound engineering including television, radio, studio and live.

Joel has an extensive client list and his various freelance work includes working with Mumford and Sons, The Maccabees, Laura Marling, Peter Green, The Noisettes, The Sugarbabes, Placebo, Magic! and many more!


Joel Gregg has a reputation for being an outstanding sound engineer, working for bands such as The Maccabees, The Heavy, and Mumford and Sons and I felt privileged that he agreed to join me on the road as my front of house engineer for four years. His knowledge and passion for sound is legendary and has helped shape the careers of all who have worked with him. He devotes himself to creating the correct sound and serving the artist to the best of his ability.

Laura MarlingSinger/Songwriter

Despite such intense pressure, Joel completes his job flawlessly each and every time. It’s impossible to overstate how important it is to have the best sound possible onstage and how crucial it is to know that the band are in the safest hands available. Joel will always be my first choice when it comes to a sound engineer. There is no one better.

Winston MarshallBand Member Mumford & Sons

Joel is not only a charming intelligent conversationalist, and good friend with a gentleman’s code; he is also incredibly hard working and adept at his line of work. I’ve seen him set up impossible gigs in an impossible amount of time and I’ve never heard him complain once, he takes tough odds as an exciting challenge and helps facilitate excellence with whomever he works.

Gill LandrySinger/Songwriter - Solo artist & band member of Old Crow Medicine Show

After watching Joel at work and hearing him mix the various artists he has worked for, I have come to the conclusion that he brings an indefinable quality to his work, one that only truly great sound engineers bring, but one that can only be achieved by hard work, dedication and a lot of natural talent.

Wes DelkSound Engineer

Joel belongs to an elite group of sound engineers, whether he’s mixing the concert at front, acting as the band’s engineer side stage or mixing in a studio (all of which he does). These types of sound engineers are at the top of a highly competitive music industry with an unquantifiable talent and ability. Engineers like Joel are essential to the success of a live concert; they subtly and without detection (when they are as good as Joel is) work with the band and the parameters of a venue to ensure the highest level performance is achieved.

Heather RafterDirector: RafterMarsh General & specialist legal services to the pro audio, digital media and entertainment industries